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Repair / Lubricants

  • Motorcycle Mechanic School - Learn how to fix your BMW motorcycle in this professional institution.
  • Performance Motor Oil - Specialized synthetic oil for high performance four stroke engines.
  • AutoPrideGroup - AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and state-of-the- art oil and air filtration systems for motorcycle and performance applications.
  • Advanced Synthetics - Sells synthetic motor oil and filtration systems that can extend the life of your motorcycle.
  • Oil Tech - Special synthetic motorcycle engine oil.
  • Canada POR 15 - Rust preventive paint that chemically bonds to all metal surfaces.
  • Rust Stop - System for corrosion protection for your motorcycle. Electric deionizing kit and spray.
  • Smart synthetics - Synthetic lubricants for bikes and mototcycles, brought to you from Detroit, Michigan.