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What tools do I need to install the BMW motorcycle products?

The Dash-Lite Reflector Shield requires a medium blade screwdriver, a 3mm hex wrench, drill bit, either an electric or battery drill and a blade and Phillips screwdriver. Masking tape is handy to tape up the space around the fairing in case you drop one of the screws during installation, as they tend to (no they do!) drop down into the motorcycle fairing someplace!

The motorcycle FlorBoards only require a 5/32 (or 4mm) allen wrench to remove the stock passenger pads and install the new FlorBoards.

The Driver Area Storage Bags only require a drill, No. 32 (or 1/8 bit), a Philips screwdriver and masking tape.

How long does it take to install either of the above products?

The Dash-Lite takes approximately 1.5 hours, depending on your skill with tools and comfort level drilling holes in the dash of your BMW K1200LT!

The FlorBoards take all of about 15 minutes, depending on how long it takes you to find the allen wrench, the position of the sun/stars, direction of the tides, etc. - - -!

The Driver Bags take no more then 1 hour to install.

Do any of these products affect the handling of the K12LT?

NO! In fact, the Dash-Lite Shield actually helps a little in directing the BMW sound system output back to the riders. The Shield does not affect the operating of any windshield operation, and the FlorBoards do not interfere with either the side or center stand operation, or in the driver reaching the ground. The BMW Driver Bags may touch your knees if you are long legged, but even then are not really noticeable and in no way affect your ability to handle the bike.

Is there any additional maintenance required with any of the above products?

None. The Shield and the Driver Bags only require an occasional wipe down with an ArmorAll type product to keep them looking good, as do the rest of the plastic parts on the bike. The FlorBoards only require normal cleaning/polishing as you would in taking care of the rest of the bike.

If I decide to remove any of the above BMW products, is there any problem?

No. The FlorBoards can be replaced with the stock foot peg coverings as easily as they were installed. No one would know they were ever installed.

The Shield and the Driver Bags are as easily removed. However, with the Shield you will have 7 nice little screw holes located on the top of the dash housing. Nice for venting built up heat, but noticeable as they are right under the windshield. The Driver Bags are designed to be snapped on/off as needed. To totally remove then would leave small holes where the snaps were originally installed.

How would one mount a radar detector (and possibly a GPS unit) to the Dash-Lite Shield?

The best method is to drill a mounting hole in the Shield where the detector is to be located, anywhere along the top curve of the dash. The power cord is then run down to the power socket. The top finish of the Shield is of a pebbly finish (so as not to reflect), so suction cups do not hold very well. Please note: the motorcycle Shield is not designed to be a shelf it was not designed for that purpose. It does a great job at stopping the dash lights from reflecting up into the lowered windshield at night, its intended purpose. It will work well for mounting a radar detector, and possibly a motorcycle GPS unit, even though we have not received any feed back on that use.

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