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We are enthusiastic long time motorcycle riders that enjoy riding! We ride most of the time in the western states, and into Canada. For those of you who have not ridden the western/middle Canadian area, you don't realize how great the riding is, and what fantastic and friendly people live up there.

The first large touring machines we owned were Gold Wings - a GL1200Sei and a 1500 SE. Great bikes, but not the bike the K1200LTc is. Those of you who have ridden both bikes, know what I mean. Even though both bikes are great on long distance rides, the BMW just handles much better on the road. We owned several large road bikes before the touring machines, but taking vacations on a bike like the K12LT is - just great!

We stay in practice during the year riding our cruisers - not BMW's - but good for short day trips. rides a '95 750 Virago (often to work at the college) and I ride a '93 1500 Vulcan. The BMW K12LT takes up most of the garage, however!

After riding the K12LT for a while, it was obvious that there were some 'user conveniences' that were missing. I sat down with my riding buddy (who also has a K12LT), and showed him the products you see on my web site. He is one of my testers! I have several other products in various stages of development, and will be introducing them over time. All of the products are road tested before they are released for sale. We want to be sure they serve a purpose and are not just something to hang on your bike. I spend a lot of time in design and testing to be sure each product performs not only well, but very well.

The shield came about after some night riding, and dealing with the glare from the dash lights up into the windshield in the lowered position at night. I made a very crude model to test from, and could not believe the difference! After riding with one for about 500 miles, I had to take it off to make the mold. Riding without it was like riding without handlebars! It made that much difference, even during the day. The driver storage bags added much needed small accessible storage space. would not go back to the stock passenger pegs after using the FlorBoards.

Keep watching our web site - we think there will be a product or two that will catch your interest!

Keep riding, and keep the rubber side down -


BMW K1200LT Owners Toys!

Products to make the LT motorcycle ever better! Parts designed, built and tested by LT riders - each one tested in the field and trusted to work

Keep watching for new products, as we keep looking for ways to make life better on BMW's Luxury Tourer motorcycle.

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